Monday, September 17, 2007

Salty sea dogs...

I am in Leeds, staring at the screen and looking forward to tonight's Hell's Kitchen finale. I have just penned my "official" On A Shout blog, which was a joy and kept me entertained in between manipulating images in Photoshop. In Hull I note that we have some new blogging competition - the HDM's Jane Harper is on-board a clipper (which is, to all intents and purposes, a yacht in all-but name, that name being a clipper) sailing from somewhere to somewhere else. Jane is, apparently, going to post lots of blog entries whilst hanging on to the clipper as if her life depended on it which, in many if not all ways, it does. No comment facility, which is rather disappointing for a blog, but Jane does chat away in a very pleasant conversational tone: "Whatever happens, at least it’ll give me a fresh batch of stories to tell in the pub. So it’s here where we start all the good bits, and bad bits, and bits we hadn’t even thought to expect.The clock is ticking and it’s time to set out into the unknown. Bring it on." Bring it on, of course, being street slang for needing the toilet and can I please get off the clipper now, please? I shuddered when I read that they are setting out into the unknown. Hasn't anyone thought to take a map and charts? Is there no radar equipment on board? Are there lands as yet uncharted that Jane plans to discover? The unknown? Does she mean Bransholme? No doubt, like me old sensible mucker David Clensy, Jane will turn her antics into a riveting book with pictures courtesy of the newspaper at the earliest opportunity and make herself a few quid to compensate for the sea-sickness (and here's me thinking I was hard done by the time they tried to ship me off to a district office on the east coast!).
Do excuse me, I have a train to catch. More tomorrow in the aftermath of Barry's victory!

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