Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cheap as chips...

More fun at the checkouts. I was trying to purchase two bags of tortilla chips in Tesco, retailing at just under a quid. They wouldn't scan. "These aren't going through," said the slip of a checkout girl. She called for a manager. The manager clocked the chips and said, "Oh, yes, those are 73 pence. So if I add that up..."

Long Pinteresque pause.

Checkout girl: "73 and...73...erm..."
Manager: "So if we put in...erm...£1.48. Is that right?"
Checkout girl: ""
Manager: "£1.46. That's it! That's the right amount!"
Checkout girl: "£1.46?"
Manager: "£1.46. That's cheap for two bags of those, isn't it?"
Checkout girl: ""

I love Tesco, it's soooooooo entertaining.


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