Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Come back to what you know...

Back to Spurn for a photocall for the RNLI's Compass magazine. Funny times for a writer - the play, conceived between my ears when out strolling beside the River Humber and written, mostly, on this machine now resting on my lap and in my dining room, is now taking on a life of its own. People are taking a serious interest in the words on the page, it's no longer my play but our play, I'm a very small cog in a big machine. Which is how it should be but it's a bit like handing over one of your children to a foster carer.

Somehow, 15 minutes into our coffee-fueled chat, I ended up taking a fitness test involving stepping on an off a box to a pre-determined rhythm and designed for lifeboat crew. Apparently, if my pulse had been two beats per minute higher I would have been asked to step down from the crew - if I'd been a member of the crew, that is. Thankfully, I'm a writer and it's perfectly acceptable for me to be totally unfit and a borderline heart attack candidate. No, it's not - I must sort myself out.

Spurn Point Warden Andy Gibson - man in charge of the nature reserve - confirmed, as we drove in, that local history group SKEALS had block booked a huge chunk of seats for the play and will be arriving en masse in a coach. Which is just one of many nerve-wracking nuggets of information keeping me awake at night these days.

A gent from KCFM - head of news Wesley Mallin - arrived to interview coxswain Dave for a feature about emergency services. Which was very opportune for us, with press officer in tow, and we ended up being interviewed too for a separate piece. As I'm still mentally ordering my thoughts on the latest draft I was probably at my incoherent best. Apparently it will be broadcast over the weekend.

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