Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Friday flashback...

Reading of the play last Friday night and, as the usual room was hosting a meeting, we ended up doing it in the foyer of the theatre. Thankfully we’d reached The End before the punters turned up to see Sold otherwise it might have all got a shade embarrassing. Quite apparent that a fair bit of trimming needs to take place and the shuffling around of various scenes has resulted in a few “eh?” moments. But getting there. As usual, though, I left feeling totally deflated and unsure of my very existence on the planet. Perhaps this was something to do with the dressing down I received about my Peperami intake. The mood lifted at the weekend, though, when I received some feedback from a gent who was checking the script for operational, procedural and technical inaccuracies, of which there were none. Oh yes, I can be knocked for an absence of jeopardy in scenes, my failure to create dramatic tension and my love of a shoddy structure that hangs by a thread but nobody comes close when it comes to  writing several pages about echo sounders and pulling on a pair of yellow waterproof trousers.  

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