Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The great war...1914-1925

My old friends at the Hull Daily Mail News Media Wow! still provide me with much amusement. Today there was a piece that mentioned the first Zeppelin raid over Hull in the First World War in, erm, 1925, a good seven years too late. Bless 'em, they can't be expected to know dates and stuff when faced with a constant barage of deadlines, declining sales and converging media. And then poor Jo Hunter, who I worked alongside for a while and possesses one of the loudest voices in the universe, looking quite dreadful in a frame of video that just happened to crop up on today's homepage and looks like someone's been busy in Photoshop with a 'gormless reporter' filter. Keep it up Hull Daily Mail News Media Wow! - these glorious moments are the reason I still loves you!

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