Sunday, October 28, 2007


There's a comedy festival going on in Hull right now. It's called The Hull Comedy Festival (how do they think of these things?). It's like a lot of other comedy festivals up and down the country, in that it appears to coincide with a fair few gigs by comedians that would have been happening anyway, with or without the festival. But it's no bad thing that we have started on the journey to become the next Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I hope it all goes with a tremendous bang. Anyway, I'm going to see an 'event' called Film Fun this afternoon, mainly because my nephew's involved but also because I'll probably be eating a sandwich in the venue Lamp. I notice on the festival website that Film Fun will "be compared by Local heroes the Hull Blokes (as seen on BBC2) and their lively comedy". I wonder what they and their lively comedy are comparing it to? I shall let you know later!

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