Friday, October 19, 2007

Lifeboat chat...

Interesting few days for the play - a rather intense period of redrafting and knocking the thing into the kind of shape that I'd describe as "finished" if I didn't know better (with rehearsals not starting until January 2008, there's still time for several more drafts). So, all that was done and then we met with someone from the RNLI to discuss the play in more detail. Scary stuff, when you find yourself in a room with five other people who are all talking about something that was written well, here, in this room. I had to keep mentally nudging myself to take part in the conversation as I was finding the out-of-body nature of the meeting rather fascinating ("ooh, they're talking about my play," was a recurring thought). As usual I don't think I was too coherent when I did open my mouth - I talked about the sea being the main protagonist, I think, and people and place and mortality.

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