Sunday, October 14, 2007


Interesting allergy advice on the side of a bottle of Tesco Apple & Raspberry spring water:

Recipe: No nuts
Ingredients: Cannot guarantee nut free
Factory: No nuts

So, with a recipe containing no nuts and munufactured in a factory containing no nuts, Tesco cannot guarantee that nuts aren't being slipped somewhere in the mix. Or is it Tesco customers, or even their supermarket staff, who are slyly slackening the lids on spring water and dropping the odd cashew in here and there?

I am not up to much but the writing after a few hectic days of real life. We are calming down here now after a dehydrated M had to spend some time in hospital to refuel, be poked and prodded by heavy-handed doctors and avoid contracting MRSA. She is fine now and the baby was never in any trouble. Aside from the all the worry of not quite knowing what was wrong initially, we had a nice thirty minutes when M was undergoing various tests listening to a prolonged mix of his little heartbeat via the miracle of ultrasound.

Fired off a redraft of On A Shout tonight. A week later than planned after last weekend's near meltdown (which followed the loss of a bag containing a hard copy of the script which was, rather predicitably, covered in all the notes I needed) and a subsequent rethink of where the play was going. It seems in good shape to me now and is all ready for a reading. As for me, I feel none of the elation that completing a draft usually brings, instead I just feel ready for curling into a ball in a place far, far away and not surfacing until 2010 at the earliest.

My Leeds experience is over and a new one, in Beverley, has begun. All work that might, one day, actually start making a dent in the mound of outstanding bills. I would, of course, prefer to be writing full-time. But, at the same time, I'm not going to apologise for having to earn a living once in a while.

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