Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hanging in there...

We have never been so popular. Text messages aplenty as the due date came and went. The “Any news?” “’ave you ‘ad it?” and “Please contact HFC bank immediately” messages came thick and fast. Thanks to everyone for thinking about us. But no, nothing to report; no waters breaking, no labour pains, no names and weight to announce. Not yet. We went to an ante-natal appointment yesterday. It was nice to be amongst so many gym slip mothers and their tracksuited impregnators. M exited feeling, I think, much happier about the whole process. She is understandably nervous. We are understandably nervous. We ate more nice food together, this time in the surroundings of a Wetherspoon’s ale house (I sampled their Banana Bread real ale – mmmmm). We keep thinking it’s the last supper before us two become three. But, no, all is well and body parts continue to push upwards and outwards Alien-style - but nothing to report.

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Anonymous said...

The ticker on the left seems t obe going backwards in time.
M x