Saturday, November 10, 2007


Nothing. It's something I've not experienced for some time. But today there was time for quite a lot of it. And it was very nice. We read newspapers and caught up on the backlog of episodes of Curb and The Office that we'd not seen and I read lots of stuff online about the WGA strike.

Keen observers will note that, as of today, it is two days to the birth of our baby. So we got to grips with the instructions for the pram and, in between the nothingness, I got the wood plane out and made the nursery door shut nice and snugly (as opposed to not at all). I would have finished my paper Empire State building but my craft knife blade is a bit too blunt to cut the last few fiddly components, so it still sits atop a bookshelf unfinished.

The nothing continued into this evening. We ate chips and watched Strictly Come Dancing and X-Factor and will be watching some Stephen Poliakoff later. This is, of course, the lull before the storm. Not long now. Baby grows, nappies and offers to babysit are now being accepted.



Anonymous said...

Anything happened yet mate?

Mike (forgot my blogger log in)

Dave W said...

Not yet. Eeeeek. Any day now though.