Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas porkies...

Maybe it's just me...but I have to have a pork pie for Christmas. It's as important as Santa, the presents and, erm, all that celebrating the birth of Jesus business. Every year, well, for the last 41, Christmas Day has started off with a big chunk of pork pie, a side order of half a jar of pickled onions and a big dollop of brown sauce. There is no other way. So it was panic stations yesterday, when I nipped out for those final few items of food, only to find that all of the pork pies in the city of Hull had been snapped up before I'd had the chance to get my pork pie lovin' mitts on them. Large supermarkets, small supermarkets, butchers, bakers - every outlet I walked into had shifted their full complement of pies. And it was looking like the same story this morning - and so sick had the shopkeepers got of hearing the likes of me asking for the whereabouts of the pies that they'd put up exclamation mark-ridden signage. Yet, just as I thought the game was up, we decided to have a stroll to the Crusty Cob. And there it was, manna from heaven, the holy grail, the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, the pork pie I craved. And there was another one along side it. So I bought two! Hurrah!

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Ang said...

finally i've found someone who has pork pies & brown sauce for christmas morning breakfast.
for the past 44 years this has always been the start to opening of my presents.
when ever i tell people what we have they cant believe it.
why they ask????????????????????
i dont know i reply, we,ve always just had it.
i was born in boosbeck (north yorkshire) and didnt know if the tradition was only local.
ive asked my nana (93 years old) if she new why we had it, she didnt.
do you know where this tradition has come from.?
would love to find out.
we also have cheese with our christmas cake....
hope i dont sound to weird

anyway who wants a bacon sarnie on crimbo morning when you could have a lovely piece of pork pie with brown sauce