Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More reviews...

"Gareth Tudor Price's production vividly taps into the irregular pulse of a group of characters whose lives are divided between salt-lashed heroism and the slow, domestic drift of life at the sharp end of the most isolated and unstable peninsula in Britain. There is a commanding performance from Edward Peel as George, and great support from his loyal crew, not least Laura Doddington as one of the country's small but growing number of lifeboat women.

Windass's complex, intelligent play is a fitting tribute to those in peril on the sea - the measure of its effectiveness was perhaps not so much the warm applause as the sound of money rattling into RNLI collection tins on the way out."
The Guardian

"...evokes the tradition of service, the lure of the lifeboats and the lure of Spurn Point."
The Stage

And, just to bring me back down to earth...

"On A Shout has the Hull Truck trademarks of earthy humour, multiple role playing and emotional swells, but is rather too much report, not enough drama."
York Press


More Chips (with gravy) on my shoulder said...

Pah! to the York Press. For a moment in a haze of delight, I thought Michael Billington of the Guardian had given you four stars. He never gives four stars. But that is really fantastic dude. Whodda thunk the Holderness Advertiser could ever be responsible for high (seas) art. x

Dave W said...

cheers chipsy. Looking forward to seeing you at the bar tomorrow!

David said...

congrats on the reviews Dave - I wish I could have been up there to see it for myself.