Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Where else?

Global recession? Economy in freefall? Credit crunch? Forgive my selfishness but all I can think of right now is On A Shout. Maybe all that other shit is even my fault and I've not realised what I've brought upon the world because I've been lost in, well, me. But I'm not that concerned with the hole that sub-prime lending's gotten us into, rather with whether the gags will get any laughs and whether the play will hold up as a piece of drama. Will it work? I don't fucking know.

I've not spoken to anyone from the theatre since Monday and the play previews tomorrow. Having avoided the latter stages of rehearsals I shall pop along tomorrow night, no doubt skulking somewhere at the back and chewing my nails until blood springs forth. As for the big night on Friday, I have nothing to wear, I need a haircut and there's a rather big chance that I won't have any money in my pocket with which to buy a much-needed drink.

And, hey, fuck the global recession.

Notes to self: Remember that this is a dream come true. Don't run away. Staring up at the sky whilst muttering please let it be alright might not help.

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sbs said...

Best of British for the big, erm, launch...