Monday, March 24, 2008

Chilly by name...

For a few days I've been passing Burger Knight's signs advertising 99p burgers and I knew it was inevitable that I would cave in to the pressure. M was keen to do the same. So, this morning, we found ourselves swinging into the car park of the former Burger King. It was not a busy car park. Perhaps, I thought, the rest of Hull has not yet noticed the prominent signage on Stoneferry Road. It was quite refreshing, in these whacky Mcdays of extreme choice, to see a pared down fast food menu with accompanying generic burger images the likes of which existed in abundance back in the 1970s. The order was simple - a 99p quarter pounder and a veggie burger for M if such an option existed. The option did exist but the burgers did not, at least not today, with the "I don't think we've got any" declaration from the counter staff confirmed with a quick shout through to the back. "Nah, we ain't got none of 'em." Chips for M it was then. The restaurant, just as the car park, was hardly overflowing. Just me and the staff. I took the time to check out the menu in greater detail. I noted that Mr Knight prides himself on the fact that "All our burgers made from 100% WELSH BEEF" - thus casting serious doubts over the content of the minted lamb burger and the aforementioned veggie option. They also abbreviate the word sandwich to Sand, not even bothering with an apostrophe. I don't know about you but the prospect of a bacon double cheeseburger in Sand does not really appeal. The order didn't take long and I was soon passed a bag containing the goods. It was accompanied by an apology. "Sorry about that mate," said the chap as I took possession. I found this disturbing. What was wrong with the food? Do they get so many complaints that they apologise in advance just in case? When M tasted the chips and expressed her disgust I passed on the apology. The burger was, surprisingly, ok, although it would have tasted much worse had I paid the usual asking price of £2.79. The doors of this establishment, I noticed, are still branded Burger King. There's also a great typo on the promotional flyer they dropped in the bag, a baguette advertised as Sweet Chilly Chicken. Get it in the oven then!

More rugby league misery for the injury-ridden Airlie Birds - Hull FC 4, Leeds 30.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, that place is horrible. I didn't think it could possibly get worse after the name change, but it has.
Bring back Yankeeburger, that's what I say!

Bazza said...

In the old days of Burger King we also came across the "we don't have any veggie burgers" on several occasions.