Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Currying favour...

As I walked into the Bengal Pride last night to collect my pre-ordered Madras and pilau rice, the entire clientele exited the restaurant. Which was, frankly, rather disturbing. Before I had the chance to say anything, the gent behind the bar laughed and said, "Yes, it was something you said." My first time in this place ever although, when I was on jury service several years ago, one of the cases involved the theft of a bottle of wine from the premises. Three jury members had to declare that they'd eaten several curries off the menu before the case could go ahead.

Daughter came round to "use the broadband". Our wireless connection has become currency in this father=daughter relationship. As she was here we also provided Chinese food. Over the last ten days I must have eaten around six curries. Suffolk was all curries. Tonight was beef curry and fried rice. I imagine that what I am going through is akin to John Prescott's 'bulemia'.

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