Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mark Lawson watch...

Quite exactly what it is about Mark Lawson that makes me detest the man so much I can never quite put my finger on, although his nail-nibbling, blinking, twitching interview style is a factor, the occasion I saw him in Edinburgh wearing a ludicrous white cowboy hat is another and his plump lips pain me so much that I'd happily land a skin-bursting punch on them without concerning myself too much about the legal ramifications and the several gallons of know-it-all puss that would spring forth as a result of my violent move. He has something of a point in his column in The Guardian today but his supercilious attitude and constant determination to pen polemic and hurl nonsensical sentences into every other par ensures that his point is somewhat buried beneath rather ludicrous and totally uninformative stuff such as "the law has always distinguished between snuff films, in which people are actually raped or murdered, and popular movies, in which people pretend to violate and kill." ML was much more preferable when he treated Tom Paulin like an incontinent grandfather on The Late Review.

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