Wednesday, May 07, 2008


When two or more High Street stores gather together adding the suffix outlet to their name (eg Ted Baker Outlet, Coast Outlet, Paul Smith Outlet and, tee hee hee, The Works Outlet) then you have an Outlet. Last day in York ended in a journey to the so-called Designer Outlet. Their bizarre strapline, which stands in tall letters on the glass entrance, is 'Guilt Free Shopping' - I've never felt guilty when shopping, I tend to save that for the times when I shoplift. We purchased some of last season's odds and sods, ate in the food court and took a slow drive back along the A1079 to homesville.

Ah, The Apprentice. This year's lot are a peculiar bunch and all deserve sacking. This week it was funny to see that good Jewish boy Michael had absolutely no idea what kosher meat is. But he hung in there, as Sir Alan of Sugar likes his youthful stupidity. Also clinging on for another week was horrible Miss Piggy clone Claire Young, who I am growing to despise. This woman has little going for her, save for her tedious ability to talk endlessly. But what else should we expect from a former Club 18-30 rep? Apparently, and according to her official BBC biography, Claire is nicknamed the Rottweiler because of her ability to go after whatever she wants. I dunno about that (Kev G Brown, is that what a Rottweiler does?) but I would concede that she's a big, 'orrible bitch. After her time as a holiday rep, Claire went on to find "her niche as a Category Buying Manager, which involves ensuring the shelves of Superdrug are stocked with the right hair care products." A Category Buying Manager? Sounds more like a shelf stacker to me.

We both got some writing in while we were away although probably not as much as we should have. I am now cross-checking what I've come up with against the West End Whingers' simple questionnaire which should immediately be made mandatory for all playwrights.

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