Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wembley? Hull City? Been there, done that...

In 1986 - when I was 'between' building sites - I was an extra in Mark Herman's short film See You At Wembley, Frankie Walsh, which was about a football-mad bridegroom whose wedding day coincided with Hull City reaching the semi-finals of the FA Cup. I only remembered this again last night (though as write this I'm thinking I may have mentioned it here before), jolted by the fact that M's cousin has a birthday party taking place on the Saturday of the Championship playoff final (poor thing, she's very concerned that everyone will be on London on her big day). And I hadn't realised that Mark Herman was the director until I imdb'd the title. It was, I've since read, Herman's thesis short when he was a student at the National Film and Television School and won an Oscar for best student film. I'm in it for around 0.025 seconds, walking out the back of the south stand at Boothferry Park. It was on BBC2 way back when. I think I'm right to assume that some of the 36,000 Hull City ticket allocation for the final has been put aside for those of us that endured all the hanging about between takes. Or maybe I'll just have to make do with the kudos of making a fleeting appearance in an Oscar winner and the memory of stale sausage rolls eaten in a shoddy catering caravan.

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