Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Words don't come easy...

During the hours of daylight and in an effort to clear the backlog of bills, I sit churning out mostly uncreative words in an office in the shadow of the mighty gothic splendour of Beverley Minster. It's writing of a sort, I suppose. Today, in an office across the landing, a word was invented and then found its way to me via the miracle of email - economicable. In context, it went something along the lines of: "they want 500 of these brochures printed but want us to look at various options if printing additional copies would be more economicable". Nice. Earlier, I was proof reading someone else's stuff and was puzzled for a brief moment by "quite simply, in Lemans terms..." until I realised that the terms in question should have been "layman's". Yes, that's the level of fun I'm having these days.

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