Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flagging it up...

Went to see the last night of The Flags. Truck is something of an oven when the weather outside is hot - as it was tonight - so I had to take a lot of fluids on board throughout Bridget O’Connor’s play. It was quite an achievement to not have to head to the gents to empty the bladder and it would have been a shame to have missed any of the scattergun Oirish dialogue and fine performances from a cast I also saw perform down the pub the night before.

Witnessed some thrilling urban crime this afternoon. A gang of bare-chested, tracksuit bottom-clad urchins on bikes caused a bit of mayhem by dashing into a chemists to do a spot of shoplifting. A couple of them were caught and the rest pedaled up the road on their fine two-wheeled getaway vehicles but, in a peculiar show of criminal solidarity, turned back round when they realised their mates hadn't followed them. One of the returning gang decided to offload his booty outside the chemists (obviously not blessed with a fully-functioning brain, this petty criminal) and, after some tampering with his tracky bottoms, around 20 aerosol cans dropped on to the pavement. Great to watch, all very comedy sketch. Then the rest of the gang went into the chemists to cause mayhem. I was thinking of stepping in to this situation but, before I could, a posse of muscular lookin' gents and a loudmouthed woman crossed the road from the public house opposite to enforce some good old fashioned vigilante intervention. Not that Killing Time would recommend such action. Although very nice to see people doing what's necessary while the police are busy doing their paperwork (10 minutes later and there was still no sign of any police response, despite lots of people phoning to alert them).

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