Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hopping mad...

I enjoyed reading this the other day. Especially "invisibility is a super power".

I was sorting through my badly organised filing system and came across a letter someone wrote to me back in January. "If you were to write a sequel," it goes, "you could call it 'On Another Shout'."

I was in Tesco at lunch and, within seconds of entering the store, was accosted by one of their employees. "Do you have a Tesco club card?" "No, I'm not interested and I have an issue with your employer wanting to share my personal details and buying habits across its companies." "So you don't really shop in Tesco?" "I didn't say that. I'm in here all of the time thanks to your two-for-one deals on Ginsters pasties and your very affordable baby wipes. I said I have an issue with the concept of your club cards." "Okay sir, that's fine, you don't have to have one." That's good news. If only they didn't have to keep asking me whether I had one. Funny thing on Doo You about the cards - apparently, they provide "Tesco with information on customers hopping habits etc."

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