Monday, July 28, 2008

Ridden all over...

A man - I say a man, he was more of a neanderthal with tattoos - rode into me on his pushbike as we both simultaneously approached a junction on the pavement of a relatively quiet street. I had to apologise, after daring to say "what the fuck are you doing?" to this complete tosser, who made me realise the error of my ways, as I had failed to realise that pavements were actually for neanderthals with tattoos to ride their bikes on, rather than for us pedestrians. He looked rather menacing. In a move rather unlike me, I chose to back down and get home in one piece and leave this chap to his pavement. It was his. He has to ride his bike somewhere. Why should he have to use the road? He pays his council tax, he can do what he wants. Whereas I defaulted for a few months. That's when I lost the argument. Well, then and at the point when I realised he was bigger than me. Bullies rule! Rules are for breaking!

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