Thursday, July 17, 2008

Slave to the rhythm...

Time was when I slavishly posted a blog entry every day. If I missed a day, I'd retrospectively go back and fill in the gaps. Those days will return one day. What went wrong? Perhaps it's the people of Beverley, where I spend much of the daylight hours, who are letting me down and not behaving in a manner that could be transformed into a glittering entry. Them and their glut of old churches and markets and public houses and limited parking. Or maybe its me. My head is fugged.

That said...I will be starting next year's blockbuster play at the weekend. Tentative moves akin to the beginning of a karate bout. Writer's foreplay. I'll tug at the bastard's Gi but, no doubt, I may as well just be tickling the thing or taking it down the dry cleaners. I've done a fair bit of planning but anything could blurt out via my soft, poncy fingertips. I hope the pages start to mount up thick and fast. I won't be worrying about the quality. Not yet. At this stage quantity is a good thing.

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