Monday, August 18, 2008

Dave is...

I am struggling to blog. Mainly because my mindset has converted to Web 2.0, where attention spans are short and it is all about the right here, right now, happening stuff in your life.

Dave is not happy about this.
Dave is wishing he did have something to blog about.
Dave prefers several paragraphs and a nice pic.
Dave is unable to blog about the work he does.
Dave is trapped in PR hell and wants to get out.

Time was when I would laugh in the face of a person walking down the street, announcing loudly into their mobile phone mouthpiece I am walking down the street. Now we're all doing it. But, let's face it, the minutiae is boring. Really, really boring.

Facebook keeps asking me What are you doing right now? Never mind me, Facebook, what the hell are you doing?

1 comment:

Bazza said...

I fell into the trap too, and like a reformed alcoholic I'd like to say I'm back, but we all know I'm probably lying.