Sunday, August 10, 2008

A taste of China...

Just as with the Superbowl, when I enter into the spirit of all things crass and American by consuming Budweiser, I stumbled across some Chongqing Beer today, bought some and, naturally, it vastly improved my enjoyment of events in Beijing. It was a very nice, smooth drink - ever so slightly ricey. The Chongqing Brewery Company is, incidently, part-owned by Scottish & Newcastle. I didn't spot any Newcastle Brown influence in the taste.

As for the BBC's coverage of the USA v China basketball, once they'd shown a heavily edited version of the first half they decided that was that, with Sue Barker pointing out that, "China couldn't get back in the game. The Americans won" before we were subjected to yet another repeat of Nicole Cooke crossing the line in a serious downpoar to claim gold in the Women's Road Race cycling. We will be up in the morning to watch little Tom Daley. Got to feel sorry for his synchronised diving partner, who, because of little Tom's high media profile, is only known as Tom Daley's diving partner.

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