Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's the economy, student...

Daughter headed to Leeds, where university life begins next week, today. How exciting. For her. For me. An ending and a beginning. It is 'a moment'. But not a sad one. She will do well, I'm sure of that. And she is only a few miles up the road should I need to deliver food and/or money. She will be living in the building on the left. On her accommodation application she said she wanted to live with 'lively and outgoing' students. Which would suggest that, for Danielle, at least in her first year, sleep is now a thing of the past.

For three years - or maybe more - of higher education, at least Danielle won't have to concern herself with the world of work, or non-work, given the current doom and gloom. None of us makes anything anymore, do we? There is no longer a 'real economy' based on selling our labour or products to someone who requires them. It's all hot air and digit shuffling. Or it was. Recession? It'll be worse than that, won't it? A nice, financially unhealthy negative slide is on the cards. We'll be stashing the cash under our matress, given that banks can't be trusted, although quite why we'd hang on to money isn't that apparent, as capitalism and materialism heads for the hills. Money? Let's barter! You know, this is a good thing. The end of greed, perhaps, something of a leveller (unless the robber barons have their wicked way), certainly a reality check. We've got it wrong, we've been getting it wrong for years. We don't need any of that shit we surround ourselves with. We certainly don't need credit. We need to stop bailing the banks and financial institutions out - let them go to the wall and we can all start to live again.

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