Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sentences and line breaks...

I often ponder what this blog is all about. While I think I write it for me, I despair when the stats suggest that nobody but me is reading.

I dislike new bloggers who instantly garner a big audience but three months later cease to blog.

I occasionally hover over the Delete Blog button and wonder how I'd feel if I went ahead and finally brought it to an end.

I used to back the blog up to text files on my hard drive but haven't done that for around 18 months.

If I did Delete, would I then spend the next few weeks copying and pasting the Google cached version by way of a salvage operation?

I occasionally wonder how ITV will treat the television adaptation of the blog and whether Billie Piper will star.

I am disappointed that there aren't more Hull bloggers. But I am also quite pleased that there aren't.

Myspace and Facebook are a waste of time. So why can't I keep away from them?

I wonder what I'd've done with the time that I've spent writing all these posts.

Yes. That kind of thing.


Bazza said...

I enjoy blogging, I'm not sure why, If I'm honest, there is a buzz when someone leaves a comment, but it's more than that. I've pressed the delete button, and started again, my biggest problem is time, I like to read I like to listen to music. My blog has never been and never will be as good as this one, or a million others out there, but it is my blog, and I like it (at the moment!) I have tried to say something here, but I think I've failed.

Dave W said...

I think you've said it. Thanks for your comment Bazza.