Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When worlds collide...

I know it's only a turn of phrase but...can you really put lipstick on a pig? Maybe that should be the focus of all these Obama reports and the subsequent McCain outrage. It's a silly saying that doesn't take into account snouts at all.

The world didn't end today. Things collided in the Hadron Collider but the big bang didn't burst out of the big long tube. This is a good thing. I'm not sure I want my understanding of the universe to change; it's big, it's scary; it's a miracle; our planet is a fragile thing. That's enough. Scientists are truly bonkers. Let's leave the particles to accelerate on their own, eh?

I had my meeting. It was ok. Being paid to write stuff is a privilege. But it is not always fun.

Is anyone else fed up of: Cliff Richard turning up on every television programme (doesn't the guy need to stay in now and then to maintain his colostomy bag)? Robson Green endlessly promoting Wire in the Blood (and his strange pronunciation of the word 'no') in/on every available media? Kate Garraway's breasts?

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