Saturday, October 25, 2008


Our local monopolistic telephone company, Kingston Communications, is hitting the local headlines because it wants to charge customers requiring paper bills £1. The idea is to get people to switch to online billing but this outlandish cost to customers for a couple of sheets of A4, should KC be so misguided that they go ahead with it, is a really a licence to print money. The company is attempting to smooth the way for the extortion by donating a percentage of the revenue generated by this move to charity HEYwoods. KC is also claiming that the introduction of the charges will cut the company's carbon footprint and "reduce the need to chop down trees". But this is nothing more than greenwash from an extremely greedy company that continually exploits its customers because it has no competition whatsoever.

There is, of course, an increasing amount of greenwash being hurled around these days. So much so that Fred Pearce now has a weekly greenwash column in The Grauniad.

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