Friday, October 31, 2008

Hitlersheet sinks to new depths...

The Daily Mail is loving every second of the whole BBC shindig. "Even as Russell Brand row raged, BBC 'comedians' were insulting the Queen," goes the headline to Olinka Koster and Arthur Martin's frankly ridiculous story in today's Hitlersheet.
The crux of the story? "During the comedy show Mock The Week on Wednesday evening, Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle made a 'disgracefully foul' so-called joke. Asked to think of something the Queen would not say in her Christmas speech, he put on a high voice and said: 'I have had a few medical issues this year - I'm now so old that my p**** is haunted.'"

It would appear that the Mail is hellbent not only on calling for the BBC to be raised to the ground, but also for comedians to be outlawed. The story rumbles on... "Boyle's 'gag', in a Mock The Week repeat, is just one example of the depths to which the BBC has fallen. The Daily Mail has uncovered further examples of bad language and degrading remarks given airtime by the corporation." You don't say! What a funny paper it is. As the in-touch newspaper points out, this episode of Mock The Week was first broadcast 21 months ago! Yes, 21 months ago. As is their wont of late, they published a transcript of the offending 'comedy skit', to remind their readers why they should be offended.

Subject yourself to the full story here.

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