Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I know what the C stands for in KC...

"Calls may be recorded for quality control purposes." But only, realistically, if you can get beyond being stuck in a queue. I had a query on my phone bill so I needed to speak to someone at Kingston Communications, Hull's monopolistic telephone company. But, despite trying on three separate occasions, and being placed in a queue for 25 minutes on each of those occasions, there was no chance of the call being recorded because I never got to speak to anyone. In town on other business, I decided that I may as well call in to KC's city centre customer service facility for a face-to-face showdown. Only to find you can't talk to anyone there either, as it's been transformed into a room full of telephones and the most miserable receptionist you've ever seen in your life, who mumbles, "pick up that phone, dial 3, they'll deal with it. Your call will be prioritised." I ended up in another queue, waiting around five minutes (some priority!) before someone called Lynne spoke to me, telling me that they aim to answer calls within a minute, but today's average was 15 minutes. "I've waited on three separate occasions for 25 minutes," I pointed out, only for Lynee to say "I can't understand that at all." By the time I'd resolved my bill issue I'd devoted well over 90 minutes of my life to sorting out their mistake (I can't even be bothered to explain that one) and resent KC just that little bit more than I did already. Now that's customer service, eh? Competition, please roll into town.

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