Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Don't take away our booze-fueled violence...

I've blogged before about the worrying mutterings concerning alcohol from the pissed-up politicians that purport to govern us, who appear keen to continue the march towards the day when there will be no legal intoxicants in our lives. Yet more whitterings about the price of alcohol, with happy hours and supermarket prices being criticised by all and sundry because they know what's best for everyone and want to "halt a torrent of booze-fueled violence". Booze is, apparently, 69 per cent more affordable now than it was in 1980. Which is surely a good thing, isn't it (although I question the truth of this percentage of cheapness because it seems a damn sight more expensive to me now than when I were a lad keen on drinking as much as was required to pass out)? We should all be able to afford the occasional bout of obliteration, whatever our financial circumstances. Besides, I've never been caught up in a torrent of booze-fueled violence. I imagine they've talked of little else in public houses up and down the country since this made the news yesterday. Or they would have done if the art of conversation hadn't been killed by jukeboxes in the 1950s. And pubs weren't closing at the rate of five a day due to the recession (cheap booze not helping there, then). It's enough to drive a man to drink I tells ya!

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