Friday, November 21, 2008

Exercising my free speech...

Newspapers still outraged by Ross/Brand/Sachsgate. BBC despising the evil internet's 'suicide rooms'. Local newspapers smug about BBC not being allowed to roll out its local online video coverage. Telly feeling superior to radio. Every media outlet outraged by John Sargeant's flat-footed efforts and judges' criticism of same. Print media outraged by John Gaunt calling a councillor a Nazi. We are outraged. We will censor it for you. We're right, they're wrong. And all in the name of you, dear reader/listener/viewer. Jeez, why don't these Nazi, fascist, self-preserving, self-appointed arbiters of taste and decency fuck off and concentrate on providing some decent programmes and/or stories and give the "ooh, let's not have any more controversy" agenda a bleedin' rest?

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