Thursday, November 06, 2008

Poisoned dwarf...

Bernie Ecclestone always has struck me as being something of a first class idiot. Now he's proved it. In Bernie's book, or rather when he's appearing on Nicky Campbell's BBC Radio 5 Live breakfast show, racism directed at Formula One champ Lewis Hamilton is just a joke. Deary me. This is what Bernie had to say about this season's F1 happenings, when Spanish fans blackened their faces, wore curly black wigs and sported t-shirts with the inscription “Hamilton's family” during pre-season testing on the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, and subsequent remarks posted this season on an anti-Lewis Hamilton website:

NC – Some of them had wigs and they were blacked up and stuff like that if it happened in this country.

BE – That was a few people in Spain I mean and that was probably taken beginning as a joke rather than anything as abuse. I think people sort of look and read into things that are not there.

NC – Yeah so you think some people just get a bit PC about these things when it's just a bit of joshing do you?

BE – Yeah it's yeah I think it was just all – all those things, all a bit of a joke. People are entitled to support who they want to support.

NC – Without insulting somebody surely?

BE – Well I don't see when was he insulted?

NC – Erm when they're putting on the wigs and the y'know all that stuff and y'know I know it was a few people it was a minority but a lot of people were very uncomfortable with it.

BE – Well I don't see why they should have been. Do you remember the Ferrari guys all wore the red wigs somewhere for some when they won?

NC – Hmm.

BE – I mean these things these are people expressing theirselves.

Read the full transcript here

Somehow, I doubt that the Daily Mail will be as outraged as they were during the recent Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand shenanigans. No doubt Bernie is working out what to say about the new American president. Maybe he'll suggest there'll be a "Tiger Woods effect" there an' all.

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