Saturday, December 27, 2008

3 for 2 shit...

A walk into town to dust off the proverbial cobwebs and all of the other cliches that had coated us over the last couple of days. There was something of a throng in town, as people clamored to buy the shit that nobody bothered to buy before Christmas and, thus, was shit that had been reduced in price. Boots had an especially large mound of this stuff - risotto-making kits, bottles of funny coloured oils, 'exotic' coffee in extravagant packaging. Even at half price and 3 for 2, there was still no disguising the utter shitness of these products. Not the kind of produce that will get this country back on its feet.

Of course, I'm not above a bargain myself and, when I was in Asda tonight, found myself purchasing the Stones/Scorsese jam Shine A Light. I am watching it now, while a short film script waiting to be broken down into something shootable sits alongside me suffering from neglect.

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