Friday, December 19, 2008

Wet stuff...

Meeting re plays, which was all very positive and, dare I say it, rather inspiring. More deadlines set, buffet provided, a few laughs, plenty of ideas bandied around. Then to Leeds, to pick up Danielle, who finished her first semester at university today. The roads were a tad tortuous. Mad Friday, of course, with a lot of people hanging up their work boots for a couple of weeks, so there was a lot of traffic about. And a lot of spray as a result of the heavy rain. Then, when I got back to Hull, a few beers to wash away a hectic week working in someone else's office. I am used to winding down for Christmas but unfortunately, the pace has picked up to a level that I would describe as "f*ck this, I really am losing the will to live". The asterisks, by the way, are for you, little Charlie Hornshaw. I finish work for a few days at noon on Tuesday. It can't come soon enough.

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