Saturday, January 17, 2009

These shoes are made for walking...

A milestone in Finn's life as we dragged him to Clarks for his first pair of 'proper' shoes. Miraculously, Finn allowed the woman in Clarks to measure his feet then, once we'd chosen a pair and they were brought to us, simply let her put the things on his feet. There is no way that putting Finn's shoes on will ever be as simple again. Despite walking up and down the living room and wreaking havoc in all corners of our house, Finn refused to budge once he was shoed up, save for collapsing on the floor in an 'I know they've told you I can walk real, real good but I'm a baby, goddammit!' heap. By the time you read this post I fully expect Finn to have lost at least one of his shoes.

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