Monday, March 09, 2009

Fragmented post...

Just when I feared that I was entering the realm of the 'worthy' pretentious writers' club, I stumbled into and subsequently mined a rich vein of comedy* about bacon, sausage and egg sandwiches. My, the joys of writing. You can see how it all works out in 2010.

Several years ago I was obsessed with giving actors big long lists to perform. Because when I listen to people as an 'observer of humanity'** that is, in all honesty, all I hear; big long lists. When M and myself met with a couple of performers to discuss our forthcoming co-production they said, "please, no lists. Please." Which is a bit like a red rag to a bull. Or a Red Bull to a __________ (insert your own gag here).

*It may not be funny to an audience. But I like it.
** If you are reviewing my work and are stuck for something nice to say about me, why not use those three words? All yours, free of charge.

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