Friday, April 10, 2009

Amongst the opposition...

One of the great pleasures of attending rugby league as a lad, aside from the game, was hearing grown men swear for 80 minutes. Now, as a grown man, I find myself listening to lads swearing for 80 minutes. Today I was a black and white amid a sea of dirty, dirty red and whites (I attended with a couple of Robins and, when I suggested that we "go up near your lot" didn't expect to find that their lot would outnumber our lot to such an extent. Silly me). A few seats up, two eight year olds were quite vocal. A shout of "Run at Calderwood. He's shit!" coming out of one mouth was quickly followed by a "Sit down you black and white bastards!" aimed at the East Stand opposite (I had very little to stand for throughout). Quite shocking, it were, out of the mouth of bairns and all that. Hull FC left it too late (ie the last 20 minutes) to turn up for the game and, thus, lost 14-18. In retrospect, and my sulking aside, it was quite a good, hard fought game.

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