Thursday, April 02, 2009

In with the new...

So, yesterday I got to glimpse the future. Well, the sparkly, not-yet-used auditoria at the new Hull Truck. If ever there was a kick up the arse to make my current commissions for said theatre company the best work I've ever penned it was walking into those two spaces. I do believe that my Artistic Director pal smiled somewhat sadistically when he heard my nervous cry of "f*cking hell!" upon walking into the main house. I got to romp about on the stage, test the new seats, and explore the rest of the building. The third most performed playwright in the country was on one of the building's many sun terraces, sitting on a little folding camping chair (a slightly absurd sight). I complimented him on his new world class facility. "We didn't do bad for the money," he said.

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