Monday, April 13, 2009

No strength to change...

Rugby League does like to shoot itself in the foot. Repeatedly. Only in this crazy, odd-shaped ball of a sport would a club help launch an anti-domestic violence campaign one day and announce, the following day, that they had signed a player that had pleaded guilty to a charge of domestic violence. The club is my beloved but increasingly bonkers Hull FC, the campaign - NHS Hull's Strength To Change - directly targets those who commit acts of violence towards women, the player is ex-Warrington Wolves full back Stuart Reardon, and he will be sentenced for an assault on his estranged wife Kay on April 23. Reardon needs to play somewhere, of course, but, given the high profile launch of the campaign, it shouldn't be in Hull. Yet Hull it is. The club deserves to take some serious flak for what is, at the very least, a serious PR blunder. No shortage of backs and the need to get some cover in asap can excuse this crazy move. "The timing of his arrival is ironic," pointed out Dave Hadfield in today's Independent. Not half.

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