Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time travel...

Whilst in Bridlington yesterday I noticed, for the first time, that there is a disturbingly old-fashioned shop located on the town's Promenade. Ladies fashion emporium Ernest Whiteley & Co was, apparently, established here in 1901. But despite my countless visits to this East Coast seaside town, I'd never noticed the place. 'Fashion', I hasten to add, is used in the loosest possible sense as there is nothing remotely fashionable about the garments that fill the windows of this complete anachronism. When you walk past and glance inside it feels as if you've discovered that interruption in the space-time continuum you've been looking for all your life. Who buys this stuff? How can it possibly remain in business in these tough times? Well done, Ernest Whiteley & Co, for thriving and surviving for so long. My new favourite newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, may have found the reason why Whiteley's remain in operation - bra fittings. Read more about such matters and what Brid's like in the rainy season in Stephen McClarence's feature here. Writing over two years ago, the author suggests that Whiteley's is a "cosy refuge on an out-of-season day on the East Yorkshire coast — particularly for the more mature customer." Wot, no hoodies?

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