Friday, June 05, 2009

Not my favourite Python...

Maybe the person asking the question should've thought before he opened his mouth. John Cleese is stood there, on stage, rounding off the high fives all round the business community event that is the Yorkshire International Business Convention. Cleese hasn't done so much as a silly walk, nobody has mentioned the war, nobody has shouted out 'Albatross'. Not that any of that was expected. We expected what we got - Cleese's obsession with psychology. So, the question. "What's your favourite Python sketch and why?" Cleese offers a steely stare. "I don't know. The one where the man eats the lion." Pause. "I don't fucking care. I have people coming up to me all the time telling me what their favourite Python sketch is." I did quite fancy shouting "Albatross" right then. But, unlike the gent that posed the question, thought better of it. Had a few people tell me that Cleese opted out of some media interviews because he had to have a lie down. My favourite Python is Michael Palin - Cleese did nothing to change that today, although he probably isn't interested in favourite Pythons either.

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