Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gagging for it...

Back in June 2004, we were getting all involved with the Humber Mouth (via the writers' group at Hull Truck that we were a part of) for the second year running, having had our toe-in-the-water ten minute plays aired at the previous year's festival - which took place in October 2003. We were still dreaming of becoming playwrights back then, unaware that we already were. Gagging For It, which played to a lovely, up for it, capacity audience in the studio at Truck last night, completes a bit of a circle, I think, and sets us up nicely for the next stage in the journey.

I could do without the comedown. It is just how it is, but it's no way to feel after what was a bloody good night and a damn good working experience with some extremely talented people. I know it's coming - I've known that since October 2003 - but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. In fact, it makes it even worse. Last night, for 60 minutes and a nice round of applause, we truly existed in the space we belong. Today it's all gone away. And we have to begin again. F**k.

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