Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wave your flag in the air...

So, I finally returned some extremely overdue items to the library. When I got there I was shocked to find that the librarians had taken the matter so seriously that they'd arranged a military presence. Not really. It was Hull's welcome home to the 1st Battallion the Yorkshire Regiment. A gent called Ben from the BBC, who had a strangely familiar voice, wanted to interview us re helicopters, or lack thereof, but we declined the opportunity on pacifist grounds. "That's a feeling that's being reiterated when I talk to people," he said before moving through the crowd of Union flag wavers. The parade was preceded by at least half-a-dozen Humberside Police officers pedalling like the clappers along the parade route on push bikes - seems to have joined sealing manhole covers and clingfilming waste bins as the norm on these crazy occasions.

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