Friday, July 31, 2009

Who said TFI Friday?..

Well. It's Friday. And that Did the 5k yesterday and now there's another 1.5k before redrafting various bits and pieces of 12k I've done previously. The joy. I remember when Fridays were all about winding down, knocking off at lunch, heading to the pub, getting pissed and staying out until some time on Sunday. That was in the days when I used to have a pay packet containing cash thrust into my hand mind. Today, I look forward to little more than sorting out and sending an invoice in the hope that some bank transfer will occur within the next 28 days. As motivational strategies go, it sucks. Especially given the sun's out and there's a chair outside with my name on it. Oh, yes, I'll probably watch Hull City win the Asia cup or whatever that faux pre-season tournament's called at some point today. Playwriting weekend looms. Around ten pages until The End. Which, as I've said previously, means it's the beginning all over again.

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