Friday, August 14, 2009

Arts for arts sake...

A couple of artsy endeavours have gotten me thinking. Which is a good thing.

First up is that Goole Town Council are seeking a freelance Samba music workshop leader. Have you ever been to Goole? It's not the place that one would expect to hear Samba music, nor the place one would expect to dance a Samba. Which is surely the point. This Samba gubbins will lead to a Samba procession through the town of Goole on Bonfire Night 2009. I read that "some Samba equipment will be provided". My head spins.

Second up is the great news that Hull artist Lee Merrill Sendall - or the mighty Corona Smith round these streets - is one of 59 artists shortlisted nationally for Artists Taking the Lead, part of the Cultural Olympiad in 2012. Lee aims to create a five acre, 200ft hight Large Spiral Mound upon which we can stand and view East Yorkshire. It will be made of waste earth and rubble, which the public will be invited to dump in the spirit of a cooperative shindig. Given the levels of waste we all produce these days, five acres and 200ft might be nowhere near big enough.

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