Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back for god...

My back. Hurts. So much. Can't lie down. Can't stand up. Can't walk. Can't keep still. Can't sit down. Can't bleedin' deal with it. Of course, sitting here, blogging, won't do it any good. But it won't do it any harm either. The damage, whatever it is, appears to have been done. I am going to sleep on something hard tonight, as opposed to our soft matress, in an effort to develop some bouncebackability. Otherwise I might have to turn to my friends at #welovethenhs for a cure or, failing that, a nice course of physiotherapy. If only I'd remembered to keep up the exercises I was given the last time. I've had problems with my back since the year 2000. So, once again, I'll blame the Hull Daily Mail, because their old furniture got me into this mess. Round here most things are their fault. Apart from the floods - that was Yorkshire Water and God. Whose existence I'm not too clear on (God, that is, not YW), aside from when I have a bad back, when I find myself asking Him for help.

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