Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a ride...

To the pub. We discussed comedy in our usual bickering, whinging, whining low-level way. Unfathomably, to me anyway, the frontman of The Interiors doesn't think that Bill Hicks is/was funny. Yet he finds Mitchell and Webb highly amusing. I don't. Comedy, and what makes us laugh, is all subjective and I do accept that, if not what was surely drink-induced stupidity from the frontman of The Interiors. Therefore, at a push and with a lot of generosity on my side, we are both right. Although I am more right than he is, because Bill Hicks is a very funny stand-up and Mitchell and Webb, well, there's two of them, so mathematically they should be twice as funny as Billy. But they are not even half as funny. The frontman of The Interiors is, I should add, very funny.

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