Monday, September 21, 2009

A hive of industry...

The River Hull - the city's flowing, physical and psychological Berlin Wall of a barrier to straight passage from east to west (or vice versa, if you're that way inclined) - is looking rather industrious right now. There are several ways of crossing the muddy waters but pedestrians will soon be able to make the journey via a new footbridge. This will be the second footbridge to be built in recent years, the first joining the battered and bruised old Fruit Market area to the steel and glassgasm that is The Deep. Still, I'm sure that city planners know what they're doing and have identified a need for people to cross at this new spot. I can hardly wait to walk over the the thing, I'm that excited.

I watched several workmen leaning on shovels the other day in between putting up barriers to prevent me walking my usual riverside route. There's a big dredger-cum-river-friendly-piling rig thundering big metal tubes into the mud at the mo'. I'm sure the end result will be spectacular and stand the test of time as much as any piece of classical antiquity you'd care to mention. But better, because it will be in Hull.

In contrast, at the other end of the river, I watched a mysterious chap contemplating the meaning of life amid a wall of graffito:

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